Semi-official Public Domain Release With Source Codes

Merlin Macro Assembler, Merlin Pro, and Merlin-8 for Apple DOS and ProDOS

Source Codes

Old Download

PlanetMirror – merlin_pro_2.47.dsk.gz Download Now



PlanetMirror – bag_of_tricks_ii.dsk.gz Download Now

A suite of four Apple II disk utilities by Don Worth and Pieter Lechner, the authors of Beneath Apple DOS and Beneath Apple ProDOS. Supports Apple DOS, ProDOS, CP/M, and Pascal formatted disks.



A user customizable track formatting routine.


A sophisticated sector editor with macro facility. Enter HELP for a list of commands.


Searches for and attempts repair of errors in the VTOC. Can recover lost files.



The best dual pane file manager for Windows. I use it constantly, and recommend it for anyone who wants something better than Windows Explorer. The most important features include:

  • Two panel display lets you view source and target directories simultaneously
  • Optional tab bar lets you orgranize many folders at once
  • Favorite tools menu makes it easy to call other utilities to supplement FreeCommander’s features
  • File archive functions for working with ZIP, RAR, and CAB archives
  • MD5 checksum generation and checking with recursion
  • Easy listing of folder contents with optional CRC-32 checksum
  • Integrated file viewer for preview of text, hex, picture, and movie files inside the FreeCommander GUI
  • Easy access to important Windows features, like Start menu, Command Line, and Control Panel
  • Simple browsing of network shares, and quick drive mapping
  • File splitting, with easy re-joining tool
  • Well thought out, sensible hot keys for every commonly used function
  • Etc., etc., read more FreeCommander features

FreeCommander – Guide

Takes you through how to use FreeCommander

FreeCommander Portable

To put on your thumb drive with WinRAR Unplugged. Neato 🙂

WinRAR Unplugged

July 6, 2007

WinRAR download and support. WinRAR is a powerful Windows tool to compress and decompress zip, rar and many other formats: Download Unplugged

Portable WinRAR! How very cool 🙂

Vector TD – Vector Tower Defence Flash Game by David Scott

By the same author who gave us the great Flash Element TD. This game is more sophisticated than most, offering features like:

  • three classes of towers, color coded by energy type
  • monsters weak or strong against specific energy types
  • tower upgrades improve both range and power
  • boosters improve range and power of neighbors
  • at least three classes of weaponry, even heat seeking missiles
  • upgradeable interest
  • bosses yield bonuses for even more upgrades

The game seems to offer only 50 levels. I’ve attained level 43, so perhaps it the level of challenge could be better. Hope he’ll be tuning this up in future versions.

The DataRecovery Application

This ultralight utility lets you recover files which have been unintentionally deleted. It works with all versions of Windows from 9x to Vista, and supports FAT and NTFS file systems.

The program makes no entries in the Windows registry, has no external data files, and doesn’t need an installer or setup. As a self contained program, DataRecovery itself virtually no footprint on your system. Just download it and double click on DataRecovery.exe. That’s very good because in a data recovery scenario you want to keep the lost file intact. Downloading a new program onto the computer and running its installer might cause the data you’re trying to recover to be over written.

I have used this program to successfully recover files on Windows 2000 and XP. The interface is ugly, but like all great utilities it is simple and functional. As with any data recovery scenario, there is no guarantee of success. Depending on how quickly you act, your file may not be recoverable.

Put DataRecovery.exe on your USB thumb drive, or your emergency utility CD. That way you have the best chance of recovering your files. I have added DataRecovery to my PortableApps menu by unzipping it to a subfolder of my PortableApps folder. Nobody is perfect, and even the pros experience data loss sometimes; only a real pro learns how to cope with it when it happens.