Ah! My Goddess TV

October 17, 2007

Ah! My Goddess TV

Keiichi Morisato left high school early to attend a technical college. He was born under an unlucky star which brings him bad luck. Keiichi wants to date a popular girl from school, but she’s an ice queen and won’t give him the time of day. On a particularly bad day, a lovely goddess named Belldandy appears in his dorm room, and offers to fulfill one wish for him. Keiichi wishes for Belldandy to stay with him forever, and the wish is instantly granted. From there the story deals with the consequences of the situation.

The early episodes provide plenty of grins and chuckles as Keiichi struggles to maintain a normal lifestyle even with a goddess in tow. Many awkward circumstances arise due to the fact that Belldandy must stay with him always, and any person interfering is rebuffed by an unstoppable power. Keiichi is forced to leave his boys-only dorm, and finding housing for an unmarried couple proves challenging. Belldandy accompanies him to school, but then must pose as a transfer student to avoid expulsion. Dating is looking like an impossibility for Keiichi, now that he’s followed everywhere by the beautiful and mysterious Belldandy.

This series reminds me most of I Dream of Jeannie, substituting young college student Keiichi for Major Tony Nelson. Jeannie and Belldandy have the same irresistable innocence, and their magical powers seem comparable in scope. Like Jeannie, Belldandy’s omnipresence in Keiichi’s daily life provide plenty of temptation for her using her powers to meddle.


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