How to clean mold

March 26, 2008

It’s been a cold, wet winter, and now that spring is here it’s time for cleaning. Open the drapes and let the sunshine in. That sunshine may reveal an unwelcome presence has invaded your home over the winter. Mold grows in warm, damp places like basement walls, on walls beneath windows, and in the bathroom around the shower.

Cleaning mold isn’t necessarily simple or easy, and if you aren’t careful you can make yourself sick. Some molds are toxic, and some of the chemical concoctions people use to clean are even more toxic. The best remedy, prescribed by both mold specialists and experienced cleaners, is probably borax.

Some people use bleach alone. Bleach will kill many things, including people, but it may not work on mold. If the mold has taken root in a porous material, like a painted wall, then bleach may not kill the roots. It can whiten the mold, leaving the impression that the job is done, but the experts say don’t rely on bleach alone.

Most recipes for mold killing involve borax and water, and some even add vinegar to the mix. Consider the surface type you are cleaning, how bad the mold is, and how to apply the cleaning solution. If you are spraying, you’ll use more water. To make a paste, use less water. As a bonus, borax kills ants and roaches too.

The links below lead to pages discussing borax solutions and effective mold remedies.

How do I clean mold off the painted walls in my bathroom

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