Vector TD – Vector Tower Defence Flash Game by David Scott

By the same author who gave us the great Flash Element TD. This game is more sophisticated than most, offering features like:

  • three classes of towers, color coded by energy type
  • monsters weak or strong against specific energy types
  • tower upgrades improve both range and power
  • boosters improve range and power of neighbors
  • at least three classes of weaponry, even heat seeking missiles
  • upgradeable interest
  • bosses yield bonuses for even more upgrades

The game seems to offer only 50 levels. I’ve attained level 43, so perhaps it the level of challenge could be better. Hope he’ll be tuning this up in future versions.


June 1, 2007 has the best Tower Defence games I’ve found yet. My personal favorite is Flash Element TD, because it seems better balanced than the others. – Tower Defence