This is one show that seriously exceeded my expectations in every way. The first six episodes are standard ecchi comedy crap, but the last six are so deeply touching and profound I’ll never forget it. The characters gain extra dimensions of realism that allow Onegai Teacher to escape the boundaries of the genre, and tell a story worth remembering. For those who don’t know, the show deals with very adult themes and does so in a mature fashion. Definitely not for kids, but it’s not porn either.

So in episode 1 there’s this box that falls on the floor and flies open. Whatever is contained in the box is covered by a blocky moire effect, implying something was censored from the video.

So what is in the box? Like most questions worth asking, I’m not the first to ask this one. Let’s see what we can dig up with a little research.

It seems the moire is supposed to be a kind of joke on us. Apparently there is no uncensored version because we are supposed to use our imaginations and draw our own conclusion about the contents of the box.


Welcome to my personal list of anime which I love and wish, probably in vain, would get sequels. My broad definition of sequels includes new series, and spin offs as well as direct sequels. In no particular order, here goes:

Azumanga Daiou

Tomo-chan is one of my favorite anime characters of all time, and I think a spin off with her would be great. I imagine a grown up Tomo-chan would find life in the real world less care free than high school, but I’m sure she’d find her way, if clumsily, into a somewhat respectable member of society. Of course I really miss seeing Osaka, Sakaki, and Kaorin too, so it’d be great to see them as secondaries in the Tomo-chan show. The rest of the Azumanga girls could make cameos whenever they like, of course.

Fruits Basket

Tohru is perhaps the cutest anime character of all time, and her charm has never worn off even after watching the series three times. The real world could use more people with her limitless devotion to friendship and her love for people in general. The most compelling argument for a sequel to Fruba is that the anime never caught up with the manga, so we never see what happens next with dear Tohru and the Soma family.

Ghost Hunt

Simple the very best mystery / horror / suspense anime I’ve seen to this day. A couple of these stories left me feeling so creepy I couldn’t sleep. Any anime which can do that has got to be a real work of art since I’m normally so jaded. I’ve found nothing comparable since, and really long for more from this genre to reach the same level of excellence.

Kaibutsu Oujo (Princess Resurrection)

Okay, it’s really a very silly plot, and the characters aren’t treated very seriously at all. The horror, and drama elements of the series have a for kids style that doesn’t normally appeal to me at all. Even so, I was intrigued by the comedy, and somewhat original mix of story elements. I guess you’d call it a horror / drama / harem / shounen / romance / comedy anime, if you wanted to categorize it. Even so, the extraordinarily high fun factor of this series was enough to leave me wanting more, and there’s no reason why the story couldn’t continue right where it left off.

Cosmo Police Justy

Yes, it’s quite an ancient relic in the history of anime, but the single episode OVA had a level of style and quality that breath taking back in the day. There have been nine manga volumes published by Shogakuken, so there’s more than enough story to release new OVA episodes.

Strawberry Panic

Although very frustrating at times, it’s probably the best yuri anime I’ve seen to date. This one sets the standards for non pornographic yuri, in my opinion. If you’ve seen better yuri, please tell me about it.

Seikai no Senki

Okay, I know there are 4 other series and two movies for the Seikai universe. Sadly, that’s not enough to satisfy me. I could simply watch this epic sci-fi until my eyes pop, and then some more. The greatness of this anime is that it doesn’t do anything to mess up the story, or the characters. By means of carefully paced revelations we experience the lives of the characters in their universe, seemingly first hand. This is no crappy slice of life show though, it’s a kick ass action flick and a wonderful romance too. Some episodes are better than others, but when it’s good, it is in fact great.

Ah! My Goddess TV

October 17, 2007

Ah! My Goddess TV

Keiichi Morisato left high school early to attend a technical college. He was born under an unlucky star which brings him bad luck. Keiichi wants to date a popular girl from school, but she’s an ice queen and won’t give him the time of day. On a particularly bad day, a lovely goddess named Belldandy appears in his dorm room, and offers to fulfill one wish for him. Keiichi wishes for Belldandy to stay with him forever, and the wish is instantly granted. From there the story deals with the consequences of the situation.

The early episodes provide plenty of grins and chuckles as Keiichi struggles to maintain a normal lifestyle even with a goddess in tow. Many awkward circumstances arise due to the fact that Belldandy must stay with him always, and any person interfering is rebuffed by an unstoppable power. Keiichi is forced to leave his boys-only dorm, and finding housing for an unmarried couple proves challenging. Belldandy accompanies him to school, but then must pose as a transfer student to avoid expulsion. Dating is looking like an impossibility for Keiichi, now that he’s followed everywhere by the beautiful and mysterious Belldandy.

This series reminds me most of I Dream of Jeannie, substituting young college student Keiichi for Major Tony Nelson. Jeannie and Belldandy have the same irresistable innocence, and their magical powers seem comparable in scope. Like Jeannie, Belldandy’s omnipresence in Keiichi’s daily life provide plenty of temptation for her using her powers to meddle.