This is one show that seriously exceeded my expectations in every way. The first six episodes are standard ecchi comedy crap, but the last six are so deeply touching and profound I’ll never forget it. The characters gain extra dimensions of realism that allow Onegai Teacher to escape the boundaries of the genre, and tell a story worth remembering. For those who don’t know, the show deals with very adult themes and does so in a mature fashion. Definitely not for kids, but it’s not porn either.

So in episode 1 there’s this box that falls on the floor and flies open. Whatever is contained in the box is covered by a blocky moire effect, implying something was censored from the video.

So what is in the box? Like most questions worth asking, I’m not the first to ask this one. Let’s see what we can dig up with a little research.

It seems the moire is supposed to be a kind of joke on us. Apparently there is no uncensored version because we are supposed to use our imaginations and draw our own conclusion about the contents of the box.